• Crystal Dragon Herbs – Daniel P. Haines, MSOM, CA, RM. Acupuncture and Herbology; 608-897-8356 or 608-449-2025, Brodhead, WI
  • White Crane Holistic Health Care – Feiyan Hager, Licensed Acupuncture and Licensed Massage Therapist


Auric Body Healing

Bemer Energy Sessions

  • MetaPHYSICAL Therapy – Julie Dieterle, Bemer Energy Sessions, LMT: Janesville 608-347-1629
  • TwinStars – Penny Matusiak/Ramona Wojtysiak; Rockford 815-979-0341

Bio Mat Therapy

Chakra Balance/Alignment

  • ReikiWisconsin – Rowden Personality Alignment Systems, LLC. Arline Rowden, RMT. Sessions: Chakra Balance/Alignment. Exploring Our Chakras Course

Crystal Healing

  • Inner Light – DeAnna Brown, Certified Crystal Healer

Foot Detox / Bio-Mat







Personal Consulting

  • Life Visions Center – A personal consulting center, staffed by qualified practitioners dedicated to helping the individual achieve a balanced and healthy state of being. Listing of services and practitioners.
  • ReikiWisconsin – Rowden Personality Alignment Systems, LLC. Reiki Master Teacher Arline Rowden, Certified Clinical Acupressure Practitioner, Spiritual Mentoring



Shamanic Healing

T’ai Chi

  • Basics Coop – 608-352-3151 – 1711 Lodge Dr, Janesville

Tibetan Pulsing


Misc. Therapies

  • A Wisch for Healing – Harold Wisch, Color & Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing, LaStone Therapy
  • ReikiWisconsin – Rowden Personality Alignment Systems, LLC. Arline Rowden. Sessions: Emotional Nature, Spiritual Mentoring & Development. Also several types of classes.
  • Stateline Reiki – Sharyn Gooder. Spiritual protection & Soul Retrieval, Compassionate Depossessions.
  • Vibrant Living Soul-U-Tions – Diane King: Specializing in healing on all levels: conscious, subconscious & unconscious. Rapid Transformational Sessions including Heart Wall Release, Attunements; Body Talk, etc.
  • Tonya’s Touch – Tonya Briggs: Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release
  • Suzan Diahna Houston – Energy Healings, Rebirthing/Breath Work


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