The following articles:
by Debbie Smoker
offer valuable insight for those considering an Intuitive Psychic Reading.

Ever had a reading done? Think you might want to?
Just plain curious? Perhaps skeptic? Then please read on.
This article is being written for you. It is my intention to define and clarify
the various options one has available. Readers are found everywhere
these days and people from all walks of life are flocking to them.
Unfortunately, many people are being scammed. As with any occupation,
there are competent and incompetent readers. Motive is important.
Some people do it solely for the money and work by playing with people's fears
and vulnerabilities. We can't pretend this isn't happening, because it is.
However, there are many, many people who do readings which can be
of great value to the patron. The people who do these kinds of readings
have a love based desire to be of service to mankind and they work hard at
developing their skills and abilities. A good reading should help provide more
clarity regarding situations in your life, and assist you in decision making,
because ultimately it is you who determines the outcome of your life.
A good reader never uses fear or negativity to get information across, nor as
a means to glean more money from the client. I'm hoping I can be of assistance
in helping you choose a reader who truly has your best interest at heart.
First off, what is a 'reader'? I would define a reader as someone who works
with intuition as a base, often in conjunction with other tools such as
cards and/or other highly developed sixth sense skills.
Let me define some other words which you have probably heard
but may be confused about:

direct perception of truth, fact, etc. independent of any conscious
attention or reasoning process; keen and quick insight.
Intuition is often referred to as "gut feeling".

of, pertaining to, associated with, attributed to, or caused by
some nonphysical, spiritual force or energy; a person who is especially
sensitive to psychic influences or forces.

one who sees images/ symbols in the third eye.

one who has a clear sensing of perceptions, feelings and intuitions.

one who receives information about a person by
touching an object belonging to that person.

There are various kinds of cards used in readings.
They work as symbols in the physical realm which help define and
clarify issues going on in the client's life. They also offer insight and direction.
For instance, I work with cards whose roots hold a deep understanding of
Native American spirituality and philosophies. They assist one to grasp the
correlation of moving as a physical and spiritual being simultaneously,
revealing keys for being happy, healthy and comfortable in this universe.
Cartouche cards use Egyptian symbols and are used to convey information
about all areas of one's life. Time frames are presented, assistance
offered and spiritual lessons are highlighted.
Tarot cards show virtues, elemental forces and areas
which need improvement, etc. There are currently many other cards
used and you may want to learn more about them yourself
by contacting a metaphysical bookstore.

What can you expect from a good reading?
First and foremost, a good reading is one which will empower you
with tools and insights to help you to help yourself. People generally
want to have a reading because they are looking for answers
to things and they are feeling stuck.
The reader will help you to understand the transition you are in
and bring about for you a clearer comprehension that you are at the
same time mind, body and spirit. It is essential to learn to walk in balance,
with one foot in this world and one foot in the spirit world. Usually during
the course of a reading patterns are revealed which have caused obstacles for you.
Suggestions are given on how to overcome them and make changes
for positive growth. If you're not willing to assist yourself then
you'll probably remain stuck in your muck.

Good reading is not fortune telling. It is done with the highest integrity
and will help put you in touch with your own higher wisdom. What you get out of a reading will be in direct proportion to what you are willing to put into it. A good reading will leave you feeling awakened, inspired, empowered and joyous,
with a new sense of yourself that will serve you well in the future.

Let's reflect for a moment on an unhealthy reading. In any reading,
it is vital to pay attention to your own feelings. You will know you are
having a bad reading if you experience any of the following:
Please, if it feels coercive in any way, gut wrenching, traumatizing,
if you feel a loss of your sense of balance, or as though your "circuits are fried"
and you can't concentrate, get out! Just get up and leave! And never, never pay
people to "take curses off of you". They are playing with your fear and psyche
and power and attempting to manipulate you into needing them over and over.
It is never healthy for anyone to be in that kind of energy field.
I repeat, if you feel uncomfortable, leave.

Now, another point to ponder.
Each of us must take responsibility for what we do. A "bad reading"
(or a good one) isn't something that just "happens" to us. We choose it.
I understand this now. The very first reading I ever had was a trip to hell.
I was so terrified that I ended up using that experience as a wake-up call to
finally take responsibility for what was going on in my life. On some level,
I drew that experience to myself. It served as a harsh kick in the butt.
I couldn't bear what had been revealed to me and I remained in denial for a while.
The danger lay in the fact that the only information I received was very
disempowering and at that point I didn't have a clue how to help myself.
Ironically, I ran to another reader and it was there I learned about my own power.
I create my life through my thoughts. What am I thinking? If I don't like it,
I can change it. Night and day. Dark and light. In this reading, I was shown
a path I could walk to heal. And I did. It took work, commitment and time,
but I eventually went from crawling to dancing.

Just a quick word on phone psychics:
I believe that some of them are very skilled and legitimate, but I've seen
people on TV who laugh and openly admit that they are trained to give certain
answers and they're only doing it for the money. And yes, it is expensive.
Why go that route when there is so much you can do to learn about a psychic
or reader before having a reading done? It is certainly to your advantage
to first do your homework.
If you want to reap benefits from your reading,
then ask yourself some of the following questions --
and be honest inside when you answer:

Why do you want to have a reading?
Are you merely hoping to hear certain things
(such as "You'll meet Mr. Right next week")?
Do you want someone else to tell you what is going to happen
(so that you can fool yourself into believing that you
don't have to take responsibility for your life)?
Is your motive disrespectful to the reader
(i.e. is your attitude about having a reading negative)?
These things set you up for a bad reading and an unhappy life.

So how does one go about finding a good reader?
Word of mouth is the best way. Ask others who have had readings done.
If you don't know anyone, there are several other things you can do:
A good source of reference for names of good readers is at metaphysical shops.
Don't be afraid to call the reader and ask questions. Be wary of anyone
who is at all evasive or tries to cut you short and insists you need to make an
appointment right then. Ask the reader what you can expect to obtain from the
reading - as well as what kind of a reading can be done.
Ask the price and the amount of time you will have.
(Be wary of anyone who asks for more money every few questions.)
Pay attention to whether or not you feel comfortable during the phone call.
You should. Anyone working in your best interest will have time for you and
never leave you feeling pressured or try to push themselves on you.
When you find someone you feel comfortable with, make an appointment.
If you want it tape recorded, ask if the reader minds. Most don't.
Also ask if you need to bring a blank tape. If you want someone to sit in on
your session, again let the reader know. Most don't care, but remember
that a reading is very personal and it's important that you feel
okay about someone else being there.
To get the most out of your reading, enter it with an open mind,
as the information you receive may not always be what you expect.
(Preconceived expectations often lead to disappointment.)
You can relax yourself by having fun and viewing it as an adventure.
Listen to the information and apply it only if it seems right to you.
Keep in mind that you are the master of your own life.
Keep a positive attitude and expect the best.
And remember you are never obligated to sit through any reading.
You should feel safe and secure in your environment.
Good rapport and trust will be established. The reader should be friendly
and able to communicate effectively with you. Things can get intense at times,
so a good sense of humor is also necessary. A good reader will have a
solid grasp of spiritual law and be able to help you learn how to recognize
and follow your own intuition. You will have a sense of "coming home" and
touching the divine in you, of affirming your own dreams and truth.


1. Seek a Clairvoyant's or Psychic's help at a time when you are
relaxed and undisturbed. If you are not and it is a troubled time
for you, gently put your mind at ease.

2. Allow the clairvoyant to proceed in his or her own manner.
Do not expect your first problem to be discussed at once.

3. No clairvoyant wants or needs help -- but do not attempt to confuse them.
Work with them. Let them know when they are correct.

4. Being skeptical, demanding proof, resisting, arguing or wanting things
done your way, can only increase the percentage of failure.

5. Spirit often manifests by name but it is not necessary.
Help may come in many other ways, i.e.. during your daily activities
or in the dream state. Be open & aware.

6. Refrain from being to quick to negate.
Again, be patient. Understanding will come.

7. The 'true value' of a reading is not always measured by prophecy.
Prediction is possible, but you have free will to make changes.
Guidance is the key-note of a reading, outcome
is ultimately determined by YOU.

8. CLAIRVOYANTS ARE NOT fortune tellers.
A good reading explains the philosophy of right living.
It is expanding your point of view, allowing you to see the bigger picture
and then to focus on what is important to you in the moment.
It may help provide more clarity to assist you in decision-making.
A good reader never uses fear or negativity to get information across,
nor as a means to glean more money from a client.

9. Every clairvoyant has his or her own unique way.
It is unfair to compare the creative abilities of clairvoyants.
Glean what you can from the info and put the
rest aside to review later as desired.

10. Try not to prolong a reading beyond its natural time.
The channel is influenced by many factors & comes to a state of
rest at an appropriate time. Questions and answers are often permitted
in the closing moments. Your process is unique to you.
"Seek not the destination at the cost of missing the journey."

Treat yourself well. You deserve it.

By Debbie Smoker, is a writer, speaker, and Hypnotherapist.

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