Aromatherapy uses extracts from cultivated or wild species of plants for
various therapies (classic herbal medicine or beauty). Aromatherapy plant
extracts contain specific compounds that produce various effects on the body.
Aromatherapy extracts may be prescribed by physicians for internal use
or are more frequently administered with massage, steam inhalation,
salves and ointments or bathing. A variety of illnesses have been treated with
aromatherapy: acne, anxiety, circulatory problems, depression, obesity,
ruptured capillaries, rheumatism, and stress. It is advisable to use
aromatherapy extracts only under the advice of an aromatherapist,
since many of the extracted oils can be poisonous in larger quantities.
Ancient Egyptians used aromatic plants as a way of life, but the term
"aromatherapy" was not coined until 1928 by French chemist Rene Gattefosse.

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