Psychic Reader

Sat Feb 25, 2017

Susan Lynne - Clairvoyant / Medium

As a clarifying counselor, Susan will use her intuitive and psychic
talents to look into your life situations and help you to a better
understanding by putting things in order and adding perspective.
As an empath she is able to feel what you or others in your life are
feeling and helps you get to the root of a problem or situation. With the
insight you get in a reading the way forward becomes much clearer
and you can take action to create the life you want! As a medium
she can connect with those that have passed and relays profoundly
comforting messages that can assist you in your life.
Susan is also a Pet Psychic and can tune in to that special animal in
your life and help with any problems or concerns.

Cost: $20.00 / 15 min - $36.00 / 30 mins (Cash preferred)
Pre-appointments accepted but not necessary.
Call 608-754-3933 to make an appointment.

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