Life Visions Healing Center

Life Visions Healing Center is a personal consulting center,
staffed by qualified practitioners dedicated to helping the individual
achieve a balanced and healthy state of being.
If you are feeling the need for a new direction in your life,
make a difficult decision or perhaps things seem difficult
right now and you want to know how to cope...
may be able to offer you some answers.

Michael Strelcheck

Directory Of Services
A listing of services provided at Life Visions Healing Center.
Center For Healthy Thinking is a website that has writings on a variety of topics;
relationships; aging & death; family; caregiving; dysfunction; healthy thinking;
personal development. This includes Michael's writings and articles from
the Conscious Community Newsletter

Life Visions Healing Center


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Life Visions Healing Center
Olde Town Mall
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Janesville, Wisconsin 53545