Earthsong's 26th annual

Community Festival - 2017
"Expanding Awareness and Creativity Through Community Celebration"

"Fun Under the Big Top!"

Sat, July 15 & Sun, July 16
10am - 5pm

Festival is held at Earthsong Books and Gifts
2214 Kennedy Road - Just off Milton Avenue
Directions to Earthsong

Psychic Readers

Health and Wellness Practitioners and Products:

Angelic Insights Healing
Come in and treat yourself to healing on multiple levels.
Working on your physical body and aura to create optimal health
I will be performing Massage, Reflexology and Reiki.
Let the healing begin. $1.00/min
By Ada Swanson Sat & Sun

Aura / Chakra Analysis – Aura Photo
What color is your aura? A seven page report & personal
interpretation of the energy field emanating from your body.
Your aura is as individual as your fingerprint & understanding
it is a powerful aid in expanding your intuitive awareness.
$30/15 min.
By John Gruba, Intuitive Therapist. Sat. only

Intuitive Artist
Sheri Jo holds hands with her clients, while her eyes are closed,
she sees clouds of colors & sometimes shapes & forms which then
she paints on 5”x7” watercolor paper. Many times she will then
receive guidance on what else to paint. The client watches as this is
done & then can take the painting home when it is dry & scanned.
30min/$30. By Sheri Jo Posselt. Sat & Sun

Nothos & NiJona
Ken/Nothos makes Rune inspired items; wood; stone or copper.
Runes with wood or leather casting cups or pouches, gandrs/wands with
belt sheath, Rune wall plaques, necklace/pendants & wood sculptures.
By Ken Talaga. Sat & Sun

Omar's Touch Therapy
Mind/Body/Spirit Tension Release

Improve how you feel & heal with Einstein.
Energy is the essence of everything in the universe, including you!
To help you feel better & support healing, Omar drains stagnant, weak
energy from your cells so there’s room in all billions of nerve, organ,
gland and other cells for recharging with strengthening energies!
He talks during sessions so you learn what to do when you feel “blue”.
He also directs your subconscious mind to relax on exhaling breaths
to support your continuing energetic transactions up to
12 times a minute each hour, day, week & month. $1/min.
By Omar. Sat & Sun

The Mindful Life Center
We offer a variety of services that help you get
in touch with your mind, body & spirit.
The Weight Loss Enhancement Program centers around finding
the root causes of habitual patterns & behaviors that are blocking you
from achieving your weight loss goals. No diet or forced exercise is involved.
Chelation an ancient technique used to clear, balance & charge the
personal energy fields of the body clearing a variety of issues
and challenges that many people face.
Come to our booth and get a "taste" of what Chelation can do for you.
Stress Reduction Sessions are designed to alleviate un-necessary stress.
This gives you a chance to turn away from self-doubt & negative
self-talk patterns that have developed over time.
Massage designed to pamper & relax those tired muscles,
increase circulation & lymphatic flow, reduce fatigue
and create greater energy flow.
1:00pm talk – Four Misconceptions Regarding Weight Loss
By Beth Eberhardt & Stacy Seacord-Peters. Sat & Sun

Jewelry Creations by M & V
Unique hand-made jewelry of shells, stones, beads, chain & man-made
materials. Our earrings are pierced or non-pierced. Other featured items are
Swarovski crystal bracelets, earrings & necklaces, braided key rings
and bracelets, book thongs and pins from reclaimed materials.
Also sold are name badge holders, fun & inexpensive kid’s jewelry,
Bears & Packers themed jewelry.
By Vicki Walter. Sat & Sun

Lumalee Jewelry & Mediterranean Chai Tea
Local hand-made jewelry, wrapped stones & healing Amber jewelry.
Mediterranean Chai tea made with love by Mimi & Luma.
Creamy chai made with non-hormone milk, instant, spicy & can be
hot or iced. Chai flavors: cinnamon, caramel, nutmeg, cocoa,
pumpkin spice & hazelnut. Also can find it with Stevia sugar
By Luma El-Khatib. Sat & Sun

Indian Arts
Native American jewelry, rocks & findings.
By Helen M. Tijerina. Sat & Sun

Shamanic Thunder
Shamanism is the oldest healing divination method known to man.
During a Shamanic session JoAnn will contact the compassionate
helping spirits to bring forth their wisdom, knowledge & healing powers.
A session may include a power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, healing
work & a divination. JoAnn holds a Gold Certificate with the Foundation
of Shamanic Studies & is part of their faculty & teaches Core
Shamanism in several of the mid-western states. 30 mins / $35.
By JoAnn Broder, Shamanic Practitioner. Sat & Sun

DoTERRA Essential Oils from the Earth
Donna supplies information on creating wellness through diet,
nutritional support & essential oils. Learn alternative ways to
stay healthy without pharmaceutical. She also teaches
Exercise Essentrics classes & is an Aroma Touch practitioner.
By Donna Busch. Sat & Sun

Shaman’s Dream
Crystals, gems, minerals, jewelry & metaphysical tools.
Aura Cleansings: Michael will perform a 3 step process that includes
smudging your aura to loosen stagnant energy, then scraping to remove
negative blocked energy from your Chakras. Lastly he does a Holy Water
blessing in your Aura & on the 3rd eye chakra for protection.
During the session he will intuitively pick up information to
enlighten & empower you. 20 min/$20.
By Michael & Mary Whitcomb. Sat & Sun

Crows Foot Books
Independently-published, award-winning children’s books:
“Ida May’s Borrowed Trouble”, “Beasties” & “Gloppy”.
Also hand-decorated Ukrainian-style wax-resist Eggs.
These are sometimes called Easter Eggs, but predates Christianity.
The ancient Slavic symbols represent protection & fertility.
By Pat Hall. Sat & Sun

Divine Soul Exploration
Michelle provides Intuitive Spiritual Healing as a conduit & channel
through Reiki healing & Chakra realignment. Also messages
from Spirit; body & emotional awareness; past life connections
& cord cutting. 20 min/$15
By Michelle Huczek. Sat & Sun

Sound & Energy Therapy
Experience a session using sound (zither, chimes & electronics)
for relaxation and pain control, along with hands on Chakra balancing
and energy movement to release stress and increase vitality. (20mins./$10.00)
By Julie Dieterle, MetaPhysical Therapy &
Harold Wisch, Wisch for Healing. Sat & Sun

Reiki / Bemer Sessions
Offering sessions utilizing Reiki along with Bemer Technology.
Reiki channels positive energy through light touch to promote physical
and emotional well-being & Bemer (an FDA registered medical device)
enhances the general blood flow in the body. It focuses on the
micro-circulation enabling the body to heal itself.
20 min/$15 or 30 min/$25.
By Twin Stars Healing Energy
a LLC integrating the spiritual with the science. Sat & Sun

CJ Wellness – Natural Health
Learn about Essential Oils, other wellness products & how to
incorporate them into your life for health & wellness.
Experience the ZYTO Balance Scanner which reads your body’s energy
systems & recommends what you can do for improved health.
$30.00 per scan/30 mins.
By Cathy Propp. Sat & Sun

Two Chicks on the Cheap
Eclectic assortment of collectibles, jewelry
and items of vibrational interest.
By Natalie Carrol. Sat & Sun

Energetic Pulse Balancing
Discover your energetic strong points & weak links & how they
can be balanced for optimum health & well-being. Steve will be
performing an ancient pulse diagnosis taught only within a family
tradition of Acupuncture Masters from Southern China & only
recently revealed. Cost: $5.00 (includes a discount coupon for
treatment at the Acupuncture clinic.)
By Steven Rosenthal, MS, L.Ac.
Community Acupuncture. Sat only

Balanced Touch Acupressure – Acupressure & Reiki
Have you had any stiffness, soreness or pain in a part of the body
that doesn’t seem to go away? Acupressure can help with those ailments
and get you back to feeling great again. Acupressure is sometimes
described as “acupuncture without the needles.” 30 min / $10.
By Pam Haas. Sat only

White Crane Holistic Health Care
Massage & Acupuncture

Feiyan will offer insight into the benefits of Acupuncture with
“No Needle” Ear Acupuncture – State of the art magnets are applied to
the ear for rapid relief of pain, stress & other health problems.
Chair Massage - Let go of pain & stress with a relaxing chair massage.
(20 min / $15.00)
By Feiyan Hagar. Sun Only

Food Vendor -
"the Kitchen Table" Menu

Linda Caldean, Manager,
Michael Strelcheck, Co-owner

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