Aura / Chakra Imaging

by Sharyn Gooder

Your aura is made up of a luminous energy field that surrounds your body.
This energy field is seen in various shapes & colors.
The colors have significance in that they can inform you of positive or
negative conditions in your body. This information enhances your ability to
positively influence & change the health of your Body, Mind & Spirit.

The Aura and Chakra Video System is a multimedia biofeedback
imaging system using the science of biofeedback, color therapy and
energy medicine to measure, analyze and display an accurate
representation of the emotional-energetic state of your aura.
Our premier service captures in Real-Time your Active Aura
and associated Chakra Centers in full color motion with
an analysis and explanation of each.

Sharyn takes 2 photos of you with choices of poses.
Includes interpretation and hand-outs.
Cost: $32.00

Appointments Recommended

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