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Sat April 8
Sun April 9, 2017

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Saturday ~

Learn about Master Crystal Triads
and Various Formations

Each crystal is unique like a snow flake, but they also
have much in common. In this workshop we will discuss the
Master Crystal Triad as well as several other crystal formations.
As the name implies, the Master Crystal Triad is a group of three crystal
formations that represent our path to mastership. They transmit energy
frequencies that guide us to higher understanding and alignment with the
Divine. We’ll also explore more commonly found formations such as
phantoms, barnacles, windows & time links. Learning to recognize the
different formations transforms looking for crystals into an adventure!
Inst.: John Deits

Creating a Magical Space in Your Home -
Clearing Negative Energy & Entities

Ever feel like the atmosphere in your house is stale or worse
as if some bad energy has gotten into your home?
If so, there are easy ways to clear your living space.
Join me & learn some simple techniques to clear & sweeten
your home & its environment.
Inst.: Michael Strelcheck

Saturday & Sunday:
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Salt Lamps - Diffusers
Sun Catchers - Wind Chimes

Chair Massage

Sat 10:30-4
By Feiyan Hagar

15 mins / $15.00

Psychic Readers:

Saturday & Sunday:
25% off Psychic Readings

15 min / $15.00 or 30 min / $27.00


Elizabeth MoonRaven - Intuitive Tarot / Channeler

Rev. Daniel Calkins - Medium / Clairvoyant
Dan is moving out of the state in late May.
Don't miss the opportunity to have a reading by him.

Joann Brhely - Spirit Communicator

Lana Duncan-Hartgraves -

John Deits - Intuitive Tarot


Susan Lynne - Clairvoyant / Medium

Romaine Rae - Intuitive Tarot

Rev. Daniel Calkins - Medium / Clairvoyant

Brenda Ortberg-
Clairvoyant / Medium / Tarot / Dream Interpretation

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